About SCLC

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What Is SCLC?

SCLC is an exciting initiative that builds purposeful relationships across class lines to create a strong and vibrant community.

Poverty is caused by more than a lack of dollars and it takes more than money to fix it. It takes relationships, role models, cognitive strategies, and creative problem solving to move from poverty to self-sufficiency. Poverty steals resources from our community and destroys the hope and dreams of our neighbors.

The Program

SCLC is a unique partnership of Team Leaders and two to three Team Mates.

Team Leaders are low income individuals (and their families) who have the determination and dedication to break out of the cycle of poverty. By engaging in meaningful relationships with their Team Mates, these families can break through their isolation and achieve a better quality of life.

Team Mates are community volunteers who share their experience, time, and energy to help a Team Leader and their family “figure out” how to get out of the cycle of poverty. Engaging in meaningful relationships with a family and helping it grow and succeed provides a deep sense of fulfillment and brings real meaning to life!

Each Team Leader is matched with two to three Team Mates to form a Support Team. Individuals are matched based on interests and family goals. A Support Team meets twice each month.

The Goal is to identify barriers and solutions to help families move out of poverty and to strengthen our community! By working with families, Team Mates can see what barriers keep families stuck. Together we look for real solutions.

Action Teams composed of community leaders, Team Leader families, and volunteers work to further develop and implement the Support Connections of Lebanon County.

Weekly Team Leader Meetings provide a forum for building relationships and learning new skills which help Team Leaders take a leadership role in their future and in their community.

SCLC can provide human service agencies and legislators with solid, experienced-based information that ultimately can be used to change the face of poverty in Palmyra and Lebanon.

Poverty is a community problem requiring community solutions!